For companies looking to expand their business in Japan,  Fitspot Work will solve your problems!

We, with extensive business experience in Japan and abroad, supports your business from the Japan side.

Do you have any of the following problems?

  • We need support for our business from the Japanese side because we can't go there.
  • We need Japanese to support our business in Japan.
  • Our staff has returned to their home country, and no one can do business in Japan.
  • Difficulties due to differences in business manners. 
  • Loss of new business opportunities due to decreased contact with Japan companies.
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People who work in Japan and have problem
To you who have such problems.

Fitspot Work

People who have problem in Japan and have found the solution named Fitspot Work.

Fitspot Work wants to help you solve the problems of people who have business in Japan.

We are currently supporting various businesses in Japan for companies that do not have a corporation in Japan.

There are language problems; the Japanese can only speak Japanese, and there are differences in business etiquette between Japan and other countries, etc.
So many people who have business in Japan have various business problems.

Fitspot Work can help you solve your problems.


Language Support
IOR Service
Our services are to use our company's entity as the importer to perform import declaration, customs formality, and related business support in Japan when your company exports IT equipment to Japan.

We act as the IOR.
Support for Customs Clearance and delivery arrangements, etc.
Japanese in charge
IT Business Support
We have knowledge of Fintech, Online payment and E-commerce business in Japan and abroad. Based on these experiences, we can provide business development support for you in Japan.

We provide online payment introduction, E-Commerce construction, fraud detection, web marketing, website construction, system development, etc.

We have business experience in Japan and abroad
Support between head office and Japan office
We support the business development between the head office and the Japan branch. 

We provide support as the person in charge of your business in Japan, server disposal due to office relocation, Procurement of IT equipment, etc.

Our Service Features

Extensive experience in shipping IT equipment

We specialize in IOR services for IT equipment and have extensive experience in importing IT equipment on the Japanese side.
We can handle the Japanese side of the export of goods from the U.S. to Japan.

Japanese staff
(English, Japanese)

We respond to your requests in English.
The person in charge is Japanese. We are familiar with Japanese business etiquette and can support you.
If the Japanese language is required, we will respond in Japanese.

Business experience in Japan and abroad

Our team members have over 10 years of extensive business experience in Japan and internationally.



About Fees

The fees will be determined by the contents of the request and the amount of work involved.

Please feel free to contact us via contact us.

Customer reviews

Golden M Group, LLC

Fabien E. Levet
I'm French, and we are running a business in Japan. We wanted to implement online payments on our website. At first, we tried to hire another Japanese IT company, but there were financial and linguistic problems (the person in charge couldn't speak English), so we could not implement the payment system. Then, when we asked Fitspot Work, the process of online payment implementation was smooth, in addition to the financial and linguistic aspects. The payment system is working fine, and we are happy with it.

Kobo Inc.

Jiazhen Ye

We are doing business in Hong Kong. We go to Japan many times a year for business because we have clients in Japan. However, due to COVID-19, the last time we could visit Japan was in 2020 to visit our Japanese clients directly. That's why we asked Fitspot Work to support our Japanese clients. And since we could not go to Japan, Fitspot got the supplies I needed in Japan and sent them to Hong Kong for us. Fitspot Work has been a great partner in helping us with our support in Japan, especially since we cannot physically go to Japan.


サンプル 太郎

Contact Form

Please feel free to contact us via contact form and SNS, if you have any requests and questions about our services.